There are numerous factors to take in to account when considering which pre-workout product to buy, from taste to effectiveness. The purpose of taking pre-workout is simple – it is to stimulate the body in order to enhance performance through a concoction of stimulating ingredients.

The most common ingredients in pre-workout are:

Arginine – causes vasodilation of blood vessels which improves circulation of blood to working muscles.

Betaine – A building block of protein known as an amino acid which can potentially increase production of creatine (see creatine)

BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids) – 3 amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, valine) which help regulate a process known as protein synthesis which impacts muscular growth and enhances recovery.

Beta-alanine – an amino acid that masks fatigue and tiredness therefore may improve endurance.

Caffeine – a nervous system stimulant which causes energy levels to increases along with focus and alertness.

Creatine – a natural-occuring substance within the body which improves endurance and power production through rapid energy regeneration and storage.

Glycerol – A fatty acid which will cause water retention to increase thus maintaining hydration levels and improving muscular endurance.

Although there are many top pre workout supplements, there are also many poor standard, and even dangerous pre-workouts – so be wary of this and always buy from a reputable source. There is no doubt that a good pre-workout can be a useful training aid however, be wary that there may be side effects which include headache, dizziness, itchy, flushing, nausea and feeling jittery. Make sure to consult a medical professional prior to taking any pre-workout.

It can difficult to choose the right one for your needs and goals, so, with that in mind I present to you the top 10 best pre workout supplements!

Top 10 Pre Workout supplements

PharmaFreak – Super Freak Hybrid

Pharma Freak Super Freak Pre-Workout Powder

Strongest pre workout

Tolerance to the effects of caffeine and other stimulants vary from person to person and some individual may find that they require a stronger pre-workout. Make no quips, this is a strong pre-workout which contains 500mg of caffeine per serving – some may struggle to stomach it but there is no doubt it does pack a massive punch!

Legion Pulse

Legion Pulse Pre Workout Supplement Complex

Best pre workout for pump

With it’s high dosage of an amino acid known as citrulline, Legion Pulse is the perfect choice for getting a muscle pump on. Studies suggest citrulline may assist with improving blood flow and pump.

Optimum Nutrition – Platinum Pre Workout

Optimum Nutrition – Platinum Pre Workout

Safest pre workout

Whilst most Pre-Workouts are regulated by the appropriate health body, Optimum Nutrition are a well-established and well-known premium sports nutrition company in the world of health and fitness. There products are always rigorously tested and scientifically grounded making the Platinum Pre a safe and effective option.

Dark Mountain – Kodak

Dark Mountain - Kodak pre-workout complex

Top rated pre workout

It has superb reviews across multiple websites – not only for it’s amazing taste but also for it’s impact in the gym with consumers touting it as one of the best pre-supplements you can buy. Many attest to the pre-workout giving them a well-needed boost in the gym without over stimulating the body.

Do Vitamins – PurePump

Do Vitamins - PurePump pre-workout complex

Healthy pre workout

Branded as “clean” and “natural” energy, PurePump does not use any synthetically made product in the supplement it is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

BSN – N.O. Xplode

BSN - N. O. Xplode pre-workout complex

Best pre workout powder

Not only with this pre-workout give you a kick but the Hyper N.O Xplode range comes in 14 different tasty flavours such as fruit punch, grape, birthday cake, blue raspberry and watermelon.

MusclePharm – Wreckage

MusclePharm - Wreckage pre-workout complex

Best pre workout for men

With a large helping of caffeine (300mg) per serving, Wreckage will really stimulate the body and allow you to wreck your gym session! D-Aspartic acid can be found in this supplement which some suggest may serve to boost testosterone levels.

Athlean RX X-Cite

Athlean RX X-Cite pre-workout

Pre Workout and Recovery

This pre-workout has been designed to boost your performance and also give you a head start with the recovery process. It is suggested that the dosage of Beta-Alanine found in this pre-workout will to fight against the impact of post training fatigue.

Monster Energy Zero Ultra

Monster Energy Zero Ultra energy drink

Pre workout energy drink

Some individuals may prefer to purchase an energy drink such as Red Bull or Monster to get their caffeine kick and fuel their training sessions. Monster Energy Zero Ultra has the benefit, not only of a high caffeine content, but also has zero calories!


Coffee - Very Simple Pre workout

Very Simple Pre workout

One of the best pre workout drinks that you can buy is coffee. Scientific studies have shown that ingesting caffeine prior to exercise has a positive impact on endurance, focus, energy levels and alertness.

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