Creatine is naturally occuring substance in the body which is required for energy regeneration and replenishment. Increasing the volume of this substance in the muscles can allow for a rapid regeneration of energy levels.

Supplementation of this substance has been thoroughly tested over the years and it has been found to be effective at improving athletic performance – particularly in regards to muscular power and explosiveness.

Whilst there are many different types, Creatine monohydrate is the main ingredient for the majority of supplements. This is because it is this specific substance that plays a key role in the ATP-PC energy system which fuels short-term, high intensity activity. Increasing the levels of it will only serve to improve the efficiency of this energy system.

As a result of these findings, there are now a multitude of companies selling creatine as a training supplement and it can also be found in the vast majority of pre-workout products. Although typically ingested by being mixed into a drink, there are now many different types of supplement including pills, capsules and chews. Unlike many supplements, the substance is very cheap to produce and therefore most supplements are inexpensive to buy.

Recommendations for intake are 3-5g per day and it can be taken before, during or after training. The top creatine supplements are safe to use and many have been rigorously tested. Always ensure that you purchase your products from a reputable source.

In this article, we will review the top 10 creatine products that money can buy.

MusclePharm Essential

MusclePharm Essential Best Creatine Monohydrate

Best Creatine Monohydrate

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A top creatine brand which produce a simple yet effective product that delivers 5g per serving for maximal effect on performance. It contains only one substance – pure monohydrate  It has also gone through rigorous and contains no banned or illegal substances. It can be purchased in 60, 120 or 200 serving tubs.

MuscleTech Platinum 100%

Best Creatine Supplement - MuscleTech Platinum 100%

Best Creatine Supplement

As the name may suggest, this product is another supplement which contain just one ingredient. It has also been tested on subjects and has proved to be an effective supplement for increasing muscular strength and size which makes it another effective choice.

Optimum Nutrition PowderBest Creatine Powder - Optimum Nutrition Powder

Best Creatine Powder

As with many of these supplements, Optimum Nutrition’s product contains only 100% monohydrate… nothing else. Not only is this an effective powder but it scores well in terms of mixability and is produced by one of the leading companies in sports nutrition. Therefore, be assured they use the best creatine on the market. EssentialsBest Creatine for Men - Essentials

Best Creatine for Men 

An excellent and efficient product which has the backing of the bodybuilding community. The product has been designed to absorb rapidly when ingested to bring about effects quickly and when most requireds (for example, prior to a strength training session).

FitMiss Powder

Best Creatine for Women - FitMiss Powder

Best Creatine for Women

Tailored specifically for women, this advanced formula contains no additives or flavourings and will provide you with 5g per serving.  It is a no nonsense product that can facilitate a better performance and faster recovery.

Crazy Muscle Three Atine Pills

Best Pills - Crazy Muscle Three Atine Pills

Best Pills

This pill actually contains 3 different types of creatine to load and fuel performance – monohydrate, alphaketoglutarate and pyruvate with the highest percentage being the monohydrate at 96%. The addition of other the other substances is to enhance the transport of the substance around the body.

ON’s 2500 CapsBest Capsules - ON 2500 Caps

Best Capsules

Optimum Nutrition have also channelled their earlier product into capsule form. The capsules contain the same creatine found in their Essential product. Each capsule contain 2.5g so it is recommended to take 2 per day for maximal impact.

BPI Sports BestFlavoured Product - BPI Sports Best

Flavoured Product

The vast majority of supplements tend to be unflavoured, not so with BPI Sports product. Their proprietary blend contains 6 different types of creatine and comes in 6 different flavours.

NOW SportsVegetarian Supplement - NOW Sports Creatine

Vegetarian Supplement

Containing no additives, preservatives, animal related or genetically modified substances, this product is a great choice for the vegetarian athlete or gym goer. Yet another simple and effective product to enhance your training.

RSP NutritionLast but not Least - RSP Nutrition

Last but not Least

Each serving contains 5g of pharmaceutical strength micronized creatine and has nothing else added to it. It is branded as a product for both men and women and promotes itself as a powerful and effectual supplement that will allow individuals to build strength, increase energy and promote recovery.

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