There are so many factors for guys to consider before selecting their running footwear as they should be specific to your activity, comfortable and stable. But with such an array of running shoes to choose from, selecting the correct pair to fit your needs can be a real challenge. If you are a roadrunner, the last thing you want to do is purchase a pair of trail shoes with their studs and grips which offer no benefit on the asphalt. You would be better selecting a flat soled, comfortable running footwear that will still feel as comfortable at mile 10 as they did at mile 1. Not only should you consider the type of runner you are and the surface on which you run, but you must also consider your movement, your physical attributes, foot shape and body composition.

Nike are one of the biggest and most prestigious sports product manufacturers in the world, and for good reason. Carefully designed, created, tested and manufactured, all Nike’s sports products are of superb quality. Additionally, they are always designed with the user in mind, giving you comfort, style and may even facilitate your performance within your chosen activity. Nike have a large range of running shoes that take into account all different running styles, activities and attributes. To help you decide which shoe you should select, I will run through the best nike running shoes for men.

Nike running shoes – Mens


Nike Downshifter 7 men’s running shoes

In terms of finding cheap nike running shoes for men, the downshifter is a superb option.

Despite it’s minimalist design, the Nike Downshifter 7 is has advanced on its predecessor the Nike Men’s Downshifter 6 running footwear. The shoe has been designed with numerous flexed grooves to provide a sturdy yet pliable construct making it the ideal choice for any long distance runner.


Nike Revolution 3 men’s running shoes

As with the Downshifter, the Nike Revolution 3 is a cost effective option which provides the user with unparalleled comfort. The material and design allow your feet to stay cool and dry throughout your run. This footwear is extremely versatile and can easily cope with the demands of a distance run or a quick 20 minute lunchtime jog.


Nike Free Mens Running shoes

At the other end of the scale from the Downshifter is the Nike Free RN collection which is for the short distance runner, beginners and those who cover distances up to 5 kilometres. Free RN shoes have gained a reputation for being extremely comfortable and the clever design allows for a natural foot flexion and run.


Nike Men’s Free RN Flyknit running shoes

The Nike Free RN Flyknit is the baby brother of the Free RN and carries many of the characteristics of it’s bigger brother. It is incredibly light and flexible and has been designed to mirror running barefoot as closely as possible. This footwear is supple yet strong and the high-strength fibres that it is made-up of help to provide a firm fit around the foot without compromising comfort. This model comes in a variety of different color schemes so it’s up to you whether you want to stick with the classic grey or white option or be a little bolder and go for a vibrant colored footwear.

There are other models in the Nike Free RN range including the Free Commuter, Metcon and Shield.


Nike Air Max Running Shoes for Men

The absolute kings of comfort. The Air Max’s were introduced back in 1987 and are probably one of Nike’s most well known footwear products. The shoe hugs your feet and adapts to your movement. The cushioning and gel heel also help to provide maximum comfort and protect your feet and ankles from the impacts of foot striking when running.


Mens Nike Trail Running Shoes

Perhaps you’re looking for something a little more robust that will take you off-road. If so, Nike have you covered with a variety of Trail Running shoes. The Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 4 is the pinnacle of footwear design and technology and is the perfect choice for tackling the trails. It provides everything you could possible desire from a Trail shoe – grip, strength, stability and comfort.


It should be clear that Nike mens running shoes come in numerous different shapes and sizes, yet they all have their different roles. Selecting the right shoe for you is extremely important and I hope this review of a select few Nike running products has allowed you to make the correct choice.

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