Protein is a macronutrient that the body requires for maintenance, repair, energy, hormone production and several other essential functions. If the body doesn’t consume enough per day, it can be expected that these functions become negatively affected, potentially causing muscle wastage, anaemia and poor recovery.

During a weight loss period it is essential that we drop our calorie level down to create a calorie deficit. However, whilst we drop our calorie levels we want to maintain or even increase our protein intake.

Due to the reduction of calories, the body will breakdown muscle and fat in order to maintain energy levels. By consuming an adequate amount per day we can prevent major muscle wastage. Additionally, it is believed that your body will burn more calories when digesting protein in comparison to carbohydrates and fats.

It’s clear therefore that we consume an adequate amount per day to facilitate weight loss. However, when it comes to food, it can become convoluted. This article will provide with a list of high protein foods that are useful during weight loss.

High Protein Foods List for Weight Loss

Now, the ideal products for the weight loss individual are foods which will be low in calories. All the below products are naturally high protein foods that are fairly low in calories and will bring a multitude of healthy benefits. These products will be of great use in your journey towards weight loss


Chicken is top of the high protein foods chart as it is one of the most protein rich products that you can buy. A 100 gram cooked chicken breast containing 31 grams of and only 160 calories. A great thing about chicken is that there is a number of dishes that can be made with it – from mexican to indian food.


Sticking with the meat products, you can choose beef in order to fulfil your daily requirements. It is one of the best high protein foods with approximately 32 grams to be found in a 100 gram portion of roast beef. Ensure that you choose a lean cut to keep the calories down.


A very healthy protein food choice is seafood. What makes seafood so healthy is not just the fact that they are low-calorie but also because they also provide the body with something known as Essential Fatty Acid’s (or EFA’s). These are acids that the body needs to survive but because it cannot produce these acids itself, it must get it from another external source. Some example seafood products include tuna, salmon and shrimp.


In terms of portion size, one egg doesn’t deliver a large amount of food but each egg does have a extremely rich protein supply for its size at 6 grams per large egg. Eggs are also extremely nutritious and contain healthy unsaturated fats which have to found to help lower cholesterol and promote heart health.


Not only are oats packed full of slow releasing carbohydrates to provide fuel to your body throughout the day, they are also relatively high in protein at 11 grams per portion. Studies exist that suggest that oats are not only a high protein foods for weight loss but, they may also contribute toward improving heart health.

Plain Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a very versatile product which can be used in both main courses and desserts. Consuming a 100 gram helping of the yogurt will provide you with 10 grams. Be wary of flavoured greek yogurts and “greek-style” yogurts which are normally high in sugars and calories.


Beans are a super choice of food, especially for those who are vegan or vegetarian. Although plant-based foods tend not to do deliver the same volume of protein as animal-based, beans are still make a great choice for a healthy high protein food. There are a wide range of beans from which to choose; three commonly used beans are: the black bean, tofu / soya and kidney bean.


Keeping on the topic of vegan and vegetarian options, another protein rich food that makes a great choice is broccoli. Sometimes referred to as a superfood, broccoli is a vegetable which has a high content in comparison to many other vegetables (2.8g per 100g). Broccoli also provides numerous antioxidants for the body and is a great source of fibre.

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