The temptation to stop off at your favourite fast food joint is always going to exist. Whether you’ve had a long day at the office or travelling, fast food is going to be an tempting option. For anyone looking to achieve weight loss, calories consumed per day are critical. Fast food options are typically high in calories and healthy fast food options are often few and far between.

So, if you ever do find yourself at a restaurant, is there really healthy fast food meals that we can choose in order to keep the calories down and promote health?

Mcdonald’s is seen as the king of fast food. It is a well-known company with thousands of outlets around the world. Mcdonalds have received criticism in the past for failing to provide healthy options and failing to educate their consumers on calories consumed per meal. This prompted them to create a mcdonalds healthy menu and introduce calorie counters for each meal to allow individuals to make healthier choices. But how healthy really is the Mcdonald’s food, are their actually healthier meals we can choose from and if so, what is the healthiest food at mcdonalds?

Typically, fried foods are unhealthy and will be higher in calories. Sadly, but unsurprisingly, that means things like burgers and fries would fall into the unhealthy category. To put it into perspective, let’s briefly have a look at Mcdonalds fries calories. A small portion contain 230 kcal, a medium portion comes in at 340 kcal whilst a large portion contains a staggering 510 kcal. Okay, so if we want to avoid fried foods, what else can we eat?

Firstly, to start the day, Mcdonalds offer a range of breakfast foods. Mcdonalds oats will help to fuel you for the day ahead. Oats are well known for health promotion and for providing a range of essential vitamins and minerals to keep the body ticking over. The Egg McMuffin is another example of a healthy start to the day as it provides less than 300 calories and 18g of protein!

If you are selecting from the Mcdonalds lunch menu look out for grilled foods. Grilled foods are a great healthy option – much better than foods that have been fried. Mcdonalds provide a number of burgers and wraps that use grilled chicken which typically help to keep the calories down whilst also providing you a portion of vegetables.

A final option for low fat meals at Mcdonalds is the salad selection that they offer. Not only are you consuming a delicious meal but there are superb number of green vegetables, vitamins, minerals and protein contained within the salads which will keep you feeling fuller for longer and promote your health. Do be aware however, that the calories in a salad can be deceiving – typically due to the dressing that is added  Therefore, if you are looking for fat loss, don’t automatically assume that a salad is low in calories.

low fat meals at mcdonalds

Away from Mcdonalds, there are other healthy fast food dinners that we can choose from.

Keeping the grilled idea in mind, Chick-Fil-A have a grilled chicken nugget option which is not only fantastic in taste but also provide a high amount of protein (at 25g per portion) and all whilst keeping the calories down (only 250 calories per portion).

Subway is a excellent option for a healthy meal. Providing you ensure to select a whole grain bread, it’s hard to go wrong. Selecting a meat and even cheese will help fulfil your protein requirements for the day and before you even thought about adding vegetables from their extensive selection. You can add numerous layers of vegetables to your sandwich which will provide you with many key vitamins and minerals. Be aware however, as with the Mcdonalds salad, the sauces that they provide may be high in calories, so be wary of adding sauce (or adding too much).

One final tips when attempting to have a healthy meal at a fast food place is, always have a diet drink. Sugary drinks contain many calories and it is well known that they can have a detrimental impact on one’s health. Diet drinks are a great option as they contain only sweeteners and therefore do not give you a sugar rush and all whilst provide zero calories!

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