Nowadays, there seem to be weight loss remedies that come in all shapes and sizes. Coolsculpting is a treatment that has been touted as a quality non-invasive method of causing compositional changes. Freezing fat to lose weight seems like quite a novel and extreme way of bring about fat reduction so, what is involved exactly?

As you may have guessed from the name, coolsculpting involves freezing fat in order to manipulate the levels that exist in a particular area of the body. Coolsculpting is not seen as a remedy to obesity instead it is more designed for those who have noticeable, stubborn and prominent areas of fat that seem resistant to traditional weight loss methods.

The treatment will typically be prescribed to specific areas of the body – typically under the chin, abdominals, back of upper arm and backside. But how does fat freezing work for fat reduction? Freezing fat cells kills the cells. These dead cells are then broken down by the body and eventually flushed out as waste products – you are literally freezing fat off! Providing the treatment is administered by an appropriate clinician, it appears to be entirely safe with no coolsculpting side effects which allows you to return to daily activities immediately post treatment.

All sounds good thus far but, does coolsculpting hurt? The treatment itself involves the application of a gel pad and applicator to the desired area – so expect to experience coldness. The cooling will begin and may cause feelings of tingling, numbness and pulling on the skin. After the area is massaged for approximately 2 minutes the clinician will move on. Most coolsculpting equipment will automatically detect if the skin is becoming too cold and will cut out if this occurs. The vast majority of fat freezing reviews describe a very pleasant experience with only a few mentioning a slight discomfort during the treatment.

does coolsculpting hurt

Right after the coolsculpting

The length and the number of treatments you require depends entirely on the areas which you wish to see improvement but sessions can last for up to 60 minutes. It is said that it can take anywhere between 2 – 6 months for the full effects of coolsculpting to occur as body may take some time to remove the dead cells from the body.

But does coolsculpting really work?

A study by Harvard University indicates that yes, the treatment is effective at reducing adipose tissue by up to as much as 20 -25%. There are many coolsculpting before and after photos which provide visual examples of the effectiveness of this treatment. However, be aware that this treatment does come at a high cost and you may require multiple treatments. The average cost of coolsculpting depends on duration and area treated but on typically it costs anything between $750 – $1000 per session.

Before and after coolsculpting

coolsculpting before and after

coolsculpting before and after

coolsculpting before and after

coolsculpting before and after

coolsculpting before and after

coolsculpting before and after

Finally, you must be aware that this is not a solution to obesity. Therefore, if you are looking for a remedy to being overweight, consider is coolsculpting worth it?

Calorie Deficit

Credit must go to the manufacturers who do not use promote their cryo fat freezing as a solution to obesity. They make it very clear that this treatment is not a quick weight loss solution, rather a “spot-fix” treatment. If your goal is to improve your body composition, focus on creating a calorie deficit which is where you consume less calories per day than your body requires over a prolonged period.

This deficit can be best created through a combination of consuming less calories per day and exercise which will allow you to burn more calories each day. If applied correctly, instead of using calories for energy, the body will be forced to begin breaking down fat stores to continuously supply the body with energy. After a period of time, you can expect your overall body composition to improve significantly.

In conclusion, it is clear that this fat freezing procedure is an effective method of reducing body fat in specific areas. It should not be used as a method of overall weight loss however instead, those who are looking for effective fat loss should look to create a calorie deficit which will bring about substantial and long-lasting change in terms of their body composition.

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